Bentley 4 1/4 Litre Vanden Plas
Bentley 4 1/4 Litre Vanden Plas
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Bentley 4 1/4 Litre Vanden Plas
Year 1937
Registration plate UK & C.Isles
Chassis Number B162JD
Engine Number N9BW
Engine Capacity 4225cc
Transmissions Manual
Mileage 146428
Body style Pillarless Saloon
Interior color Black Leather
Exterior color Green
Seating capacity Four
Wheels and Tyres Ace Disc Wheels
Asking Price £64,950
Following the acquisition of Bentley Motors by Rolls Royce, the manufacturing of the new range of Rolls Royce designed Bentleys took place at the Rolls-Royce Derby works, hence the term ‘Derby Bentley’ describing the 1930’s built cars, the Derby Bentley soon established itself with the wealthy and famous during this golden era of British Motor car design. Today it is not very common to come across a car being once owned by a former lady Brooklands racing driver, a member of the aristocracy and captains of industry, this is such as car. Supplied by Jack Barclay to the order of former Brooklands racing motorist Miss Daisy Addis-Price in February 1937, first registered as CPX 125, this Vanden Plas pillarless sports saloon was delivered in Amaranth Red, with a gold stripe and contrasting grey leather interior. Monogrammed doors and suitcases, and a special compartment in the dash board for cigarettes were part of the order specification. In 1938 the Bentley passed to the Marchioness of Carisbrooke in 1938, residing at Kensington Palace,. Following the pre war sale by the Marchioness, CPX 125 moved to Birmingham where it was owned by Mr E.C. Witt of Swallow Raincoats Ltd, who went on to produce uniforms and raincoats for the Army Forces during WW2, becoming a well known manufacturer of rainwear in the 1940’s and 1950’s. In the early 1950’s CPX125 moved to Sheffield to be owned by WR Swann and Company manufacturers of razor blades, scalpels, under whose ownership the car was mechanically refurbished by Rolls Royce in October 1954. During the period of 1937 to 1954 and after, the ownership of CPX 125 was registered with Bentley until the 1960’s, copies of the ownership & service notes are in the history file. By 1954 the Bentley had covered 72653 miles and underwent a £1000+ engine overhaul at Bentley Motors, at the same time the car underwent bodywork and a evidently a colour change to black by TF Ford & Sons at a cost of £296. CPX moved to the USA in the 1960’s where it was kept in the collection of Mr George Vernon Russell until it returned to the UK in 1989, during the car’s sojourn in the USA it underwent a very detailed restoration under Mr Russell’s ownership, the colour being changed to British Racing Green with black leather upholstery, the detail of the restoration is held within a sperate history file specific to the work carried out. In the following years the CPX moved to Jersey in 1991, and then on to Guernsey where it has remained in the same ownership since March 2002, where is has been used for Club events and European tours.
In good overall condition having been restored in the 1980’s, the condition is commensurate with use, CPX 125 is suited to being used and enjoyed as it is with scope to improve the paint & coachwork, providing a very reasonable entry for a pre war car to BDC or Motoring Club events. Alternately, bearing is mind the early history of the car the next owner may wish to consider a light restoration, with a return to the original colour of Amaranth Red, with a gold stripe and contrasting grey leather interior, in keeping with the original Jack Barclay order to Vanden Plas.
The pillarless Vanden Plas pillarless saloon coachwork has mellowed over the years, and presents well for a car restored forty years ago, there are small improvements to be made to the paintwork which is now pleasantly patinated.
The interior was retrimmed in black leather when restored and is strong condition with no rips or tears. The car has a factory fitted sunroof from new, and is complete with the fitted tool kit in the boot compartment.
CPX 125 has been continuously maintained over the years, and has detailed history file, it also appears that the engine has been changed at some time in the car’s life, quite possibly in 1954 at the factory, however there no records of an engine exchange only sums expended in excess of £1000 in 1954, however the engine presently in the car is of the same specification and period.
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