ALFA - (Anomina Lombardo Fabbrica Automobili) was founded in 1910 and taken over 6 years later by Nicola Romeo. The company began producing sports cars in the 1920's and in the early thirties, engineering genius Vittorio Jano joined the company and created some superbly engineered motorcars in the form of the racing twin cam 6C (6 cylinder) supercharged and an 8C (8 cylinder), which proved very successful in competition under the direction of Enzo Ferrari, before he set up in business on his own as a competitor. They were extremely expensive in their day (and still are) - in some cases twice as much as a coach built Rolls Royce of the time. The post war years saw the well engineered and styled Guiletta models in coupe and cabriolet form, which were superseded by the classic and well known Spider Duetto, which was introduced at the 1966 Geneva Motor show. Pininfarina designed with clean lines and renowned for its and sporting drive and throaty twin cam engine, production of the Spider spanned some 27 years.

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