Restoration Services



Panel Repair

We’ve had the honour of working on some of the finest cars in the world.

Whether it be localised rust or widespread corrosion, we will assess the level of repair required based on the strength of each panel or section, striving to do all we can to keep as much of the original vehicle as possible.

Our highly skilled craftsmen can recreate the shape and lines of a classic car using as many of the original materials as possible. If we need to start from scratch, we will always commence with a flat sheet of either steel or aluminium, depending on the original material used or to meet  a particular customer request.

With years of experience and insight, combined with in-depth knowledge, our team will work with a keen eye and constant checking and measuring to achieve the classic curves and lines associated with your specific vehicle, matching as closely as possible to the original designer’s intention.


Coach building

Most early vehicles were created by hand, meaning no car was ever identical, thus making them unique. We have an extensive carpentry department and deep knowledge of the challenges that are presented when restoring vehicles of a bygone era.

True to the originals our preferred woods are ash or beech, these are being lightweight and flexible, qualities which make them ideal to work with.

With three decades of in-depth knowledge and expertise, our artisans are well versed in replicating the original coachwork and bespoke detail that comes with the individual nature of these vehicles, which allows us to undertake any automotive carpentry project.


Mechanical engineering

At Le Riche, we undertake all aspects of mechanical restoration from bottom-up engine rebuilds to small adjustments and servicing. Major work might include the stripping, cleaning and rebuilding of a complete engine; reviving a gearbox or completely replacing braking systems or clutches. Through our years of experience and diverse skill sets, we are well placed to offer a high standard of workmanship that is both authentic and sympathetic, employing the technology and skills from the time your vehicle originally rolled off the factory floor.

Our specialist engineers can attend to every aspect of mechanical engineering. They take great care and pay meticulous attention to detail to determine needs and timescales. They will check all necessary components and have a methodical approach to itemising the task in hand, using build sheets allowing us to provide progress reports with as much detail as possible.


Electrical engineering

From a blown fuse to a full re-wire using period correct cabling, we cover all aspects of electrical engineering. Whilst we understand the importance of wanting period correct appointments, we can also upgrade a vehicle with today’s technology.

Should your classic car have an electrical fault, it’s important to make sure the necessary repair work is in safe and expert hands. With decades of experience, we will trace and diagnose electrical faults, source and fit replacement components or looms, even creating a custom-made loom, should there be a specific requirement.


Paint Shop

Probably the first things you will notice about a restored car are the colour and quality of the paint finish.

There have been many techniques used, from the early practice of brush painting by hand to the modern use of spray painting. With a host of challenges to get this absolutely right, our team have considerable expertise in this area and can advise you about period correct finishes, ensuring the use of the appropriate paints and methods, where authenticity plays a vital part.

When the time comes to choosing the final paint job, we’ll make sure the finish of your car is pristine, just like the day it rolled out of the factory door.


Upholstery and Trim

When considering a restoration project, the interior of a vehicle is a hugely important factor. It is very easy for the budget to be spent on the engine, bodywork and paint job but, when driving a restored car, the condition of the interior will always be immediately apparent.

Our dedicated finishing department can provide all aspects of trim work - carpeting, upholstery, hood replacements and full interior restoration. For small signs of wear to a dashboard or other trim, we can refill and re-colour to match the existing fitments. For steering wheels and gear knobs, which tend to see more wear and tear, we can bring these back to their former glory or we can source replacements to match the originals.

With upholstery, our skilled team can make small repairs, revitalise tired leather or strip existing upholstery and carry out a full re-covering exercise. Whether you want to be authentic to the cars original finish or would prefer to upgrade the look, we have or can source a vast range of leather and fabric to suit.

We can ensure the interior of your car is restored to the highest possible standard, making for a stunning finish that matches the rest of the vehicle.