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Le Riche offer independent, expert advice on classic, vintage and specialist vehicles. If you are thinking about making a significant investment, but aren’t confident about the provenance, authenticity, value or cost of restoration, Ian or Joe offer impartial expertise.

Le Riche understand that luxury and historic assets such as classic or vintage vehicles are acquired for investment reasons and, given our offshore location, luxury asset consulting has also become an integral part of our offering. We are experienced in all aspects of tax neutral offshore vehicle ownership and care, having guided customers through this process for many years.

Our sister company, Le Riche Automobile Storage and Consulting - based in Guernsey - operates a state-of-the-art climate controlled and fully dehumidified storage facility in the island. This discrete store hosts some of the most valuable cars in the world. They are placed offshore in Guernsey as it is totally tax free jurisdiction. It has some characteristics of a European Freeport, but with additional very important advantages. Our Guernsey facility is not a “Bonded” warehouse, client cars are readily available to be viewed and they are in free circulation once in Guernsey as all bonds are discharged on arrival. They can even be registered for road use if an offshore Guernsey company is established by the owner to host the car’s registration.

Do please contact us if some or part of these solutions may suit your requirements.

Le Riche Automobile Storage and Consulting
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Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Aston Martin One-77

Client A, an Indian national and successful entrepreneur and industrialist has always loved Aston Martins since he saw the DB5 in the James Bond film Goldfinger. At 55 years old his business interests have flourished as have his ambitions to own the finest cars of his preferred brand. Having owned DB7s and DB9s, he was lucky enough to be selected to buy a limited edition super car from Aston Martin. He put a deposit on the Aston Martin One-77, a £1.2 million pound 700HP super car and two years later took delivery. Client A, who lives in Mumbai has an apartment in London, is an Anglophile in many respects, his wife and family love the theatre and London shopping, while he would always align trips with the Revival meet at Goodwood and the Silverstone Classic, where he would attend with his DB9. Often he was in the UK for 3 or 4 months of the year. His UK tax status however is non-resident and non-domiciled. Client A was advised to speak with Joe Castellino, who heads up the Le Riche Automotive Consulting. It became very clear, given Client A’s situation, that a tax neutral solution could apply given his UK non-resident status.
After working with a tax consultant, an offshore tax free company was established for Client A, who became the ultimate beneficial owner of the offshore company and its assets. This company contracted with Aston Martin to conclude the purchase of the One-77 and the car was supplied offshore, VAT free. The saving to Client A was £240,000 and he still gets to attend the Goodwood Revival meet, but instead of UK plates on the car, it has a legitimate offshore registration number with full cover insurance in place.

Today the car is worth £2 million and, minded to sell to buy the next evocation of “uber” cars from Aston Martin, he is advantaged by the tax neutrality of his car. All the other One-77’s for sale have embedded taxes which cannot be recovered. Client A priced his car just below the prevailing market rate, which generated significant sales interest against the competition and he still came out ahead of the other vendors in terms of the capital gain returned.

Case Study 2 – significant GCC Royal Family

Client B is a director of an offshore trust company. She and her team administer the Private Office of a significant GCC Royal family. The family’s demands and requirements are often quite complex and cover numerous lifestyle scenarios. Client B’s remit is to manage and oversee not only the family’s properties, assets and investments in a tax efficient way, but also to provide numerous procurement solutions for their day to day needs. Client B contracted Le Riche Automotive Consulting to deal with their automotive needs as this covered an industry, based predominantly in the UK and Europe, for which they had no experience or contacts. By consolidating the function into one area, new scale economies were achieved making negotiation possible for the family’s automotive needs, which included an environmental audit to understand where the new breed of electric cars can be introduced to the family, as well as what fleet cars are required, their executive car needs and the trophy cars required by the family’s principals.
Le Riche Automotive Consulting provides Client B’s team with a one stop shop to procure and dispose of the family’s cars with an efficient environmental understanding of where electric and hybrid cars would suit their needs. Furthermore, multiple options have been put forward by Le Riche Automotive Consulting to the Private Office to optimise the value of their automotive offering to the family. Some cars are now more efficiently owned via lease contract hire and some just temporarily rented via limousine supply contracts as well as outright new purchases, which meet the family members exacting requirements. All of the above is augmented with storage facilities, transportation and collection services and everything involved in registration, road tax and insurance.

Case Study 3 – Mrs "C" and the W.O. Bentleys

Client C, a widow, was left with her late husband’s pride and joy, two classic cars as well as accompanying automobilia, tools and spare parts stored and displayed in the family home’s garage. Faced with the unknown in terms of their values and how to dispose of them, she contacted Le Riche Automotive Consulting to advise on and assist with the best solution, as speculators circled looking for personal advantage. Le Riche Automotive Consulting took over their management and sale, distancing Client C from awkward calls and lobbying. Le Riche Automotive Consulting curated the cars, recorded their individual provenance and established correct market values. Client C was relieved that Le Riche Automotive Consulting then individually sold the cars to enthusiasts who would take on the legacy and custodianship of her late husband's precious vehicles, as she always thought they should go to good homes.
Furthermore, Le Riche Automotive Consulting audited the value of the spares and memorabilia that did not accompany the cars. Reaching out to industry contacts, Le Riche Automotive Consulting itemised the contents of the garage and achieved a good market return through auction, dealing with the import duties and the auction house consignment, which required individual images and detailed descriptions. Correct reserve values were set and the contents of the garage were delivered to and sold at auction. Client C received the correct values for the cars and associated parts. The garage was cleared in good time for her to then work on the property’s sale and her own need for down-sizing to a smaller home.

Case Study 4 – Mr "D" and his SLS Mercedes Benz

Client D, a Jersey resident, decided to upgrade his performance car to a later and more up to date model. Scanning the internet, he found a UK dealership that had the exact car he wanted and was pleased to note the dealership was prepared to accept his existing car as a trade-in. However cross-jurisdictional import duties applied and the UK dealership was uncertain how it would price the exchange, given the VAT liability arising and that UK registration of his Jersey trade-in car had to be arranged, as Client D’s car was not UK tax paid. The car he wanted in exchange was UK VAT qualifying and he was uncertain how to benefit from the HMRC allowance for new and nearly-new export cars. Le Riche Automotive Consulting advised on how the transaction needed to be structured to supply the VAT qualifying car to Jersey while discharging the UK dealers VAT responsibility in exchange for a Jersey car that needed to be UK tax paid. Raising the necessary import bond, they prepared the VAT valuation for the Jersey registered trade-in car, bonded the VAT qualifying car to Jersey and ensured both parties could complete the transaction to their joint satisfaction.