Storage Solutions



Bespoke Storage Solutions

We can provide dry and secure storage for private vehicles in both Jersey and Guernsey. We can also provide ongoing inspection and maintenance services for stored vehicles.

Whether you need a short or long-term storage solution, we offer easy access to insured premises in both Channel Islands (in Guernsey through our sister company, Le Riche Automobile Storage and Consulting.)

Security is key and we understand you may wish to have access to your vehicle at short, or no notice. We don’t make a charge should you wish to take your car out for the day, just give us a call and we’ll be waiting for you.

Whilst your vehicle is in storage, we can offer agreed inspection and ongoing maintenance services that coincide with its safe keeping. For example: periodical charging of the battery, starting and running the engine, cleaning and polishing of bodywork and/or interior. If you require something more specific, we are sure we can accommodate you - please talk to Joe or Ian.

For further information on our storage facilities, maintenance options and costings, please contact us. We’ll find a solution to your storage needs.