The Journey to Restoration



our approach to Restoration

Restoration is a sensitive journey and we at Le Riche understand the huge sentimental value that can be attached to a vehicle.

Whether it’s a family heirloom or a car you have always wanted, whether it has an interesting historic provenance or it has had a humble life enjoyed by many, we appreciate that there is considerable pleasure in breathing life back into a vehicle so that it can be driven once again.

Whatever state your car may be in at the moment, we will have a solution. It’s amazing what can be salvaged, restored and repaired whilst striving to keep as many original parts as possible. It just takes a bit of time and skill.

Every restoration project vehicle is treated equally with the utmost care and attention to detail - we are as passionate about your vehicle as you are.

We’ll advise you of our initial and any subsequent findings at every stage of the journey, giving you a complete breakdown so there are no nasty surprises. Our cost breakdowns are individual and entirely tailored to your car - we don’t take a 'one size fits all' approach. We find this is the best way to work, being open and transparent allows for an amicable and trusted relationship.

Dependent on our findings and a mutually agreed way forward, we can work from ground up ‘nut and bolt’ restorations to all types of mechanical, structural or cosmetic work, offering you a truly bespoke service dependent on your vehicle and needs, to produce an exceptional restored automobile.

When you’re ready to start your restoration, we’ll guide you every step of the way. We are happy to work at your pace with a project and we’ll take you on a full journey from the initial conversations right through to the final delivery of your completed vehicle.


Our team will first review and document their findings, from bumper to bumper, checking which parts are serviceable or can be salvaged and which are unusable. We’ll assess and review the condition and establish a list for both. We’ll look at the engine, chassis (if applicable), bodywork and general condition, deep diving into the interior, right down to the finest detail should you wish.


Should it be required, the engine can be stripped down component by component and assessed, cleaned then re-assessed. We can carry out the cylinder head porting and polishing, or other performance enhancing modifications prior to engine re-building.


Having assessed the bodywork, we’ll give you an appraisal and suggestions to improve the integrity of any metalwork, should there be a need to do so. For example, panel replacement, fabrication repairs, or renewing lead-loaded joints. We will also advise in respect of glass, rubber seals and paintwork.


Where renewed paintwork is required, we’ll first carry out a pre-colour preparation to absolutely match the existing bodywork. We use Glasurit water-based paints. We’ll apply a high quality, high build primer followed up with numerous base coats and a finishing coat. With the final wet-sand and polish we’ll painstakingly get the finish to the highest quality possible to achieve that unbelievable shine.


We have a dedicated and experienced team member who can assess interior fixtures and fittings and re-use, refurbish or repurpose as much of the original materials as is possible. We can source and fit new upholstery of the highest quality which is period correct or should you desire, we can carry out bespoke interior improvements to your requirements. 


We can carry out all forms of mechanical assembly in fitting out a restored bodyshell, to which we can add checking wiring and electrical componentry, renewing chrome and other brightwork, fitting glass, door locks and catches and anything and everything else required in this process.


When it comes to handing over your vehicle, we’ll give it a complete once over, carry out a test drive and complete any personal set up required, before presenting you with the keys. We will provide full documentation detailing all of the work we have undertaken.


Ian heads up a 10-member team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen who strive constantly to deliver excellent results for our clients.