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Vintage and Classic Vehicles


Le Riche Automobile was formed in 1990 by Ian Le Riche and Joe Castellino, two enthusiasts with a passion for the world of vintage and classic cars and motorbikes. Located in Jersey, Channel Islands, Ian, Joe and their team have been restoring vintage and classic cars for over 30 years. They can breathe new life into vehicles, with pride, passion and a contagious sense of enthusiasm. Whether you need a complete restoration, advice on maintenance and servicing or a valuation they can satisfy your specific requirements and budget.

The Le Riche team of respected and highly competent engineers, mechanics and artisans, have overseen projects which have achieved podium finishes at some of the world’s highest-profile concours events, such as Pebble Beach in the USA and Villa d'Este in Italy.

Based in Jersey, one of the world’s top finance centres, Le Riche can provide expertise in offshore vehicle asset management, including procurement with bespoke insurance via Lloyds underwriters. We deal with registration, import / export rules and regulations as well as global logistics.

In a throw-away world always looking for the new next best thing, there is something that feels so right about fixing, improving and restoring cars. It provides a strong sense of ownership and allows some of your personality to be embedded into the fabric of the car. We believe that maintaining and restoring vehicles is more environmentally friendly than buying a new car every few years. Sure, there will be a movement to electric cars - they’re becoming more prominent by the day - but these classics aren’t your every day run around, these are mobile 20th. century works of art, that cover relatively little mileage over the course of a year. By their very nature these vehicles embody the mission of being environmentally friendly.

Simply put, we exist to allow fellow enthusiasts the ability to enjoy their vehicles through the humble pleasure of just driving an old motor car or the thrill of touring, through to the joy of collecting and exhibiting and even the delight of potential financial gain.

Our workshop is open most Saturday mornings from 9am – noon, where you can view projects, have a coffee and wander around taking in the sights and smells familiar to any car enthusiast.

We look forward to welcoming you in to the Le Riche fold.