Technical Specifications

Mark & Model
Morris ISIS
Registration plate
Jersey registered
Chassis Number
IS 4034
Engine Number
JB 14245
Engine Capacity
2486cc 18hp
3 speed manual
2,224 miles showing
Body style
Pressed steel Saloon (Budd)
Interior color
Dark red leather
Exterior color
Dark red & black with pin stripe
Seating capacity
Wheels and Tyres
Original wire wheels
Overall Comments

A wonderfully original vintage period 6 cylinder motor car. Spacious and with sufficiently good brakes it makes for an ideal vintage touring car. Additional pictures are available upon request. We can help with any shipping and importation requirements.


The pressed steel body had been very well stored for most of its life in good order as you will see in the pictures. The underside is very good also. Paintwork in fine condition in Dark red with white pin striping and black wings.


Drives very well, well serviced and maintained over the years. Being a 2500cc straight 6 engine it pulls well. A rear core plug was recently changed (the hardest one to access).


The interior is mostly the dark red original leather (front seat cushion re trimmed) and the head lining is mostly the original, and the carpets look like they have been renewed more recently. The cabin area has a lovely feel to it.

Asking Price

This first series 6 cylinder 2468cc saloon was first registered in August 1931 with the registration number JO 3087 . In 1931 the price was £340. The ISIS was built on its own newly designed chassis and it had hydraulic brakes, a three speed gearbox, and an American style pressed steel body. The body was very innovative at the time and made by the pressed steel company at the Cowley plant in Oxfordshire under a joint venture with Budd from the US and the inventor of this design in the late 1920’s. Correspondence in the cars file from the Morris owners club states this car is one of 4 known survivors of the first series of ISIS , (of which one was a convertible) and this car is one of the most original in existence having been dry stored from 1940 to 1986. The car is very original , inside and out even having the original running board rubbers still in place and most of the original interior. Mot certificates dating from 1987 state a mileage of 1303 miles , up to 1995 and 6557 miles with the car sold by a Mr P Lewis at 6841 miles in August 1995 to the current owners. The mileometer has only 4 digits so it is likely a higher mileage that displayed. There is correspondence stating the car had engine overhaul works undertaken in 1995. The ISIS was re-registered onto Jersey plates upon arrival and has been well looked after and regularly maintained since. The owners have taken the car on many event over their 25 years of ownership , locally, and in France, including many trip in Brittany and Normandy even a 2000 mile trip to Corsica. Should the car return to the UK JO 3087 should be able to be repatriated to the car. The cars file also has a copy of a work shop manual and the 1931 sales manual.

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